To equip the Orthodox Christian community to strengthen its commitment to the sacredness of human life from conception to death, illuminating the Church's teaching on life issues through education and engagement.




For every Orthodox Christian to learn and embrace an Orthodox pro-life ethic.



  • That every Orthodox Christian will learn and embrace our Church's teaching that each human life is precious from the moment it is conceived.

  • That through the formation of life-affirming parish ministries, Orthodox Christians tempted by abortion or assisted suicide will not keep their struggles a secret for fear of being condemned, but rather know they will be received with open arms and a loving support system.

  • That our seminarians and clergy will be equipped to handle pastoral challenges related to pregnancy, abortion, and end-of-life situations that arise in their parishes.

  • That Orthodox Christians wounded by abortion will be encouraged to find forgiveness and restoration to communion with God and the Church through the Sacrament of Confession, as well as further healing through post-abortion recovery programs.

  • That by incorporating prayer, education, and service for the sanctity of life into the existing ministries and spiritual life of our dioceses and parishes, the faithful will be brought into greater communion with Christ and each other.

  • That Orthodox Christians will be inspired toward participation and leadership in the pro-life movement.

  • That by cultivating an awareness of the life-affirming teachings of the Church, non-Orthodox will be drawn to the truth of our ancient faith.

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