Unexpected or Crisis Pregnancy?

Are you an Orthodox Christian facing pregnancy in difficult circumstances?

Maybe you're pregnant outside of marriage.
Maybe you are married, but pregnant from someone who's not your spouse.
Maybe you're in an abusive relationship, or facing issues that make you feel unprepared for a baby.
Maybe you even became pregnant from rape.

You might be terrified, panicked, hurting, or numb. The idea of facing your family, friends, or priest might seem like too much to bear. Abortion might be a strong temptation right now - it might seem like an easy fix.

But abortion presents a false solution. It appears to solve one problem, but creates a hundred worse problems in its place.

Your fears and concerns are temporary; the suffering after abortion is a permanent.

Whatever your situation, it can be redeemed. Good can come from this. You may feel alone right now - but you are not alone.

God is with you! The Church is with you. We are with you.

Turn to God and He will walk with you through this time. Bring your burdens to Him in Holy Confession. Your priest will be able to offer guidance and help you find support, whether within your parish or the local community.

Over 3,000 Pregnancy Resource Centers and other organizations around the country exist to help women in difficult pregnancy circumstances. There is an abundance of support waiting for you - pregnancy counseling, prenatal care, parenting classes, adoption assistance, baby items, and other material needs, as well as people who will walk this journey with you.

St. Symeon the Theologian said: "One human being is more precious to God than the entire cosmos." As co-creator with God of the new baby growing inside you, you've been entrusted with its care.

You are strong - you are capable. You can do this!

Find pregnancy support near you:


Text "HELPLINE" to 313131  |  1.800.712.HELP
24/7 hotline and live chat service to connect you with pregnancy centers in your area.

LOVELINE.COM | 888.550.1588
24/7 hotline, text, and email service to connect you with resources and material needs in your area.

ZOEFORLIFE.ORG | 216.471.8065
An Orthodox Christian pregnancy support ministry based in Ohio, which may be able to connect you with assistance in your area.

Hurting After Abortion?

Have you had an abortion(s)? If so, you are not alone. Millions of women in the United States- some estimates say 1 in 4- have been through the same experience, whether out of choice or coercion. These women are abortion's secondary victims.

In addition to the myriad physical risks of abortion, the link between abortion and mental health problems is well-documented.

These include depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, suicide, and Post-Abortion Syndrome, a variant of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While post-abortive women suffer the greatest, men involved in an abortion can also suffer intense grief, guilt, and symptoms of trauma.

But the harm of abortion goes beyond the physical or psychological realm; it is also spiritually destructive.

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, when asked about God's forgiveness of women who have had multiple abortions, said:

"A woman who destroys the fruit of her womb commits a great sin. She is destroying life itself, for God alone is the Giver of life and He makes possible the conception of a human being in the womb. He gives life and a woman destroys it. Great repentance is necessary, from the depths of her soul. She must change and never commit this sin again . . . There is no sin that cannot be forgiven but the sin of unrepentance. True and sincere repentance is required for such a sin, and it must never be repeated again."

In the Orthodox Church, we have the incredibly precious opportunity for forgiveness and restoration to communion with God and the Church through the Sacrament of Holy Confession. We read in 1 John that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

St. John Chrysostom reminds us: “God loves us more than a father, mother, friend, or anyone else could, and even more than we are able to love ourselves.”

God is a fountain overflowing: His mercy is a deep well, His forgiveness is a healing balm, His redemption is plenteous. If you have not done so already, bring your abortion before God in Confession. Your spiritual father will be able to help you begin the process of healing. It may be helpful for you to pray the Akathist of Repentance for One Who Has Aborted a Child.

In addition, if you think you would benefit from further support, your priest may bless your participation in a post-abortion recovery program or post-abortion counseling. While there is no Orthodox-based post-abortion healing program in existence at this time, hundreds of such opportunities are offered by Catholic and Protestant groups around the country.

Find post-abortion support near you:

Phone and text helpline offering referrals through a network of local post-abortion recovery programs.

Resources to help you process and reflect on abortion's impact in your life,
and a directory of post-abortion recovery programs.

A wealth of information about post-abortion trauma and related research,
and a directory of Catholic diocesan post-abortion healing programs.