Orthodox Christians for Life
Safeguarding the Sanctity of Life
Our Vision

Orthodox Christians for Life (OCLife) is a non-profit religious and educational serving the Orthodox Christian Church. OCLife was founded in early 1986 by the Rev. Edward Pehanich an Orthodox priest of the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese, the late Rev. Deacon John Protopapas of the Orthodox Church in America, and his wife, Matuska Valerie Protopapas, a prolific writer on sanctity of life issues. It functions in cooperation with the hierarchy, clergy, and laity of the Orthodox Church regardless of jurisdiction or geographical location; and supports the doctrines and canons of the Church. We encourage the formation of local parish or school chapters for work within the Pro-Life movement of each locale.

OCLife is primarily a religious-educational organization and does not organize marches, demonstrations, or sit-ins; however, we do participate in such Pro-Life events as a group, or as individuals, providing they are peaceful and do not conflict with Church doctrine. We condemn all forms of violence in any effort to resolve sanctity of human life issues.

Our Goals

To present and support the position of the Orthodox Church on matters of the sanctity of innocent human life to all peoples, Orthodox Christian and non-Orthodox alike. This includes not only abortion, but also euthanasia, infanticide (pediatric euthanasia), suicide, and child abuse.

To initiate and encourage education and energize action on all issues of sanctity of human life in all Orthodox parishes regardless of jurisdiction.

To act as a clearing house for information relating to sanctity of life issues for the Orthodox Christian community.

To aid and assist all those who wish to establish sanctity of life programs or Pro-Life groups on a parish, diocesan, or archdiocesan level and to have representatives available to work with those who wish to establish such programs.

To reiterate and underscore traditional Christian values such as the sanctity of marriage, the blessing of children, the holiness of chastity (both in and out of marriage), the honoring of parents, the love of ones neighbor, and of course, the sanctity of all innocent human life regardless of age or condition of health.

To work in a cooperative spirit with all Pro-Life organizations, regardless of religious affiliation, providing they espouse a complimentary sanctity of life ethic. In this area we serve as a unique witness to the teachings of the Early Christian Church.

To present the Orthodox position on these issues to the secular culture.