February Ministry of the Month: Christ the Savior OCA Church, Southbury, CT
Ministry Leaders: Sofia Cole and Arden Stamper
Get to know our MOTM leaders:
Sofia and Arden are both in high school, but that didn't stop them from launching an Orthodox Christians for Life group. Both girls are pro-life advocates outside of OCLife: Sofia is a volunteer at her local pregnancy center, and Arden is an ambassador with the organization Live Action. When they are not at church, the girls are involved in school and numerous extracurriculars. For Sofia, a few of these are Girl Scouts, guitar, and American Sign Language; for Arden, they include foreign languages, dance & aerial arts, and other artistic pursuits.
What drives their involvement: 
When asked why the pro-life cause is important to Sofia, she says it's because it hurts her to see others unjustly suffering or being deemed lesser than someone else, and there is value and purpose in every life. For Arden, the answer stems from her mother’s passion for the cause – having almost been aborted herself – which led her to become involved in the pro-life movement. Arden wants to help create a culture where life is celebrated and protected.
Christ the Savior's OCLife Ministry:
So far, Sofia and Arden have led their parish in holding multiple drives for their local pregnancy center and other charities, attending pro-life marches, and participating in 40 Days for Life. The girls hope their church will become even more involved in life-affirming activities that raise awareness for Orthodoxy in the community, something which Sofia and Arden, a recent convert, are passionate about.
What they have to say abotu being young:
Sofia and Arden are both advocates for youth involvement in pro-life ministry. When asked what advice they would give to young people interested in getting involved, they responded, “Just go for it! Even if you don’t realize it at the time, what you’re doing definitely makes a big difference. Being young people also has a special impact because we can relate with young women, we are heavily impacted by abortion, and it means a lot to people to see that the next generation cares about the Sanctity of Life and are taking action to help others.”