St. Andrew Antiochian Church - Arlington, WA

Parish Ministry leader: Linda Harris



Linda’s stand for the unborn began in the 80's when she and her children, both of whom are still active in the pro-life movement, attended marches and fundraisers to show their support. Her extensive pro-life experience includes working in politics and  for Concerned Women for America (CWA). This, along with Linda’s faith and love for the unborn, is reflected in her home parish ministry. 

Linda is glad to be continuing her pro-life involvement through Orthodox Christians for Life. One of the unique projects of the parish ministry she started has been to establish a permanent baby item collection spot for the local pregnancy resource center. This consists of a playpen where parishioners can donate baby items for mothers in need below a large icon of ‘He Who Loves The Innocent.’

She says, “My church took up the challenge to take part in the baby diaper drive last March. My thought was, why not do this year round. That led to financial support as well as clothing for the unborn and their mothers. We donate diapers and wipes for the babies on a regular basis. My plan is to continue this kind of support as long as God allows.”

Linda's vision for the future of the ministry is to reach out to the youth in her parish, educating and supporting them through youth group activities. She says, "I firmly believe in giving a little and watching it grow, by His hand. Orthodox Christians for Life is His plan.” 

Now retired, Linda enjoys being involved at church and spending time with her twin great-granddaughters. She is grateful that retirement has allowed her more time to read scripture and the lives of the saints. 

Linda's efforts for the pro-life cause are invaluable, and she says that the biggest part of her life has been fighting this battle. "We can be so assured that God is in this — one little person, one little candle lit, at a time.”

Thank you Linda for your dedication and commitment!