"After reviewing valuable information about OCLife, its mission and goals, the Hierarchs decided to offer the blessing of the Holy Synod to the organization, and in so doing give permission for OCLife to contact OCA clergy and parishes and encourage member [groups] to be formed in our various dioceses. . . The Synod wishes you every success in your endeavors to promote the Pro-Life stand of our Church throughout our country, and prays that the Lord will bless you, the officers and members of OCLife, and all those who will come to accept the sacred truth of the Church of Christ from its very inception - that human life, at every stage, belongs in the hands of the One Triune God."

—The Hierarchs of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America


"When I was active as a pro-life leader on the national stage, I met many Catholics and Protestants whose churches were attempting and accomplishing great things for the cause. I was aware that Orthodox Christians, though ours is the most ancient history of resistance to abortion, were doing nothing similar to their efforts. I am greatly heartened by this renewal of Orthodox Christians for Life, and whole-heartedely give them my support."

—Khouria Frederica Mathewes-Green, speaker and author


"We live in perilous times for the sanctity of life. These issues extend far beyond abortion, to threats from the euthanasia movement, ongoing attempts to compel medical professionals to violate their religious beliefs in their work (medical conscience), and issues involving powerful biotechnologies, such as human genetic engineering, among many others. These urgent issues require a response from the Church collectively and Orthodox Christians, individually. But that witness cannot be effective without the faithful and the ordained alike receiving the necessary education to understand both the threats and opportunities--and the contexts in which they appear. This is the role of the Orthodox Christians for Life Parish Ministry Program. As an adviser to OCLife, I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with the planned work of this important group and its desire to grow and serve the Church in the years ahead."

—Wesley J. Smith, speaker and author


Bishop Maxim of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America gives his blessing and support to the mission of OCLife