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Frederica Mathewes-Green's book Real Choices, first published in 1994, alternated chapters of policy recommendations with descriptions of "listening groups" around the country, where post-abortive women met with the author and told their stories.

Realizing that these powerful first-hand accounts could stand alone, she decided to make them more accessible. So one year ago, Khouria Frederica—prolific Orthodox writer, speaker, former Vice President of Feminists for Life, and member of the OCLife Advisory Board—published the collection of "listening group" chapters in a smaller volume called Real Voices.

Real Voices relates first-hand stories that are moving, tragic, redemptive, and profound. In each "listening session," Kh. Frederica posed the questions, "Why did you have an abortion, and what, if anything, would have prevented that?" The common themes running through each woman's answers are vital for every pro-life person to understand if we want to help women in crisis pregnancies to avoid abortion, and create a culture of life.

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