Baby Shower Benefit!

On January 24, 2020, Orthodox Christians for Life hosted its first event: a Baby Shower Benefit.

A fun way to kick off the Walk for Life weekend in San Francisco, the baby shower-themed party was attended by over 100 people, both Bay Area locals and visitors from Southern California who travelled north to attend the Walk for Life the following day.

The event served to introduce the community to Orthodox Christians for Life while supporting a great cause: helping pregnant women at risk for abortion to choose life. The price of admission was one baby item (though most guests brought several!), to be donated to Alpha Pregnancy Center, a nonprofit in the local area.

Attendees enjoyed games, raffle prizes, a taco bar, and a presentation about the work of Alpha Pregnancy Center by Pastor Jeff Mammen, a member of the center’s board of directors. He spoke about the difficult situations women face which drive them to abortion, and how surrounding them with love and support can help them make the choice for life.

Empowering women to choose life.

Like nearly 3,000 other pregnancy resource centers (PRC’s) around the country, Alpha Pregnancy Center provides no-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, parenting education, and material resources such as baby items and diapers.

The generosity we witnessed that night was overwhelming! Our pile of donations grew higher throughout the evening, as attendees from near and far arrived eager to support pregnant women in need. We received hundreds of brand-new items for the PRC, from adorable baby outfits, to diapers, to toddler toys, to a stroller.

Why a baby shower benefit?

Pregnancy resource centers across the country donate tens of millions of dollars in each year in free goods and services to pregnant women at risk for abortion. They rely on the generosity of local churches and supporters to continue showing the love of Christ through free healthcare, material resources, and social/emotional support.

This event was meant to inspire! As the mission and ministry of Orthodox Christians for Life grows, we hope to see parishes around the country host similar events, or otherwise endeavor to raise awareness and support for the PRC in their local community.


Many thanks to Sharon Elizabeth Yocum for the photos from this event.

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